Passionate Norwegian Webcam Model: AmmiePride

AmmiePride is a webcam model from Norway, offering erotic entertainment. She is a white woman with a skinny body type, long brown hair, and captivating green eyes. AmmiePride enjoys expressing her sensuality through dancing, painting, and writing. She is fluent in English and can be found on Livejasmin. AmmiePride has a preference for high heels, leather outfits, and stockings, and has a tattoo that adds mystery. She is open to exploring various experiences and connections and expects respectful behavior from her viewers. AmmiePride aims to create an enjoyable and intimate environment for her audience.


HairBrown, Long
Sexual PreferenceBisexual
AppearanceHigh heel, Leather, Long nails, Shaved, Stockings, Tatoo
WillingnessClose up, Dancing, Dildo, Fingering, Footsex, Live orgasm, Roleplay, Snapshot, Striptease

AmmiePride: Norway's Sensational Skinny Webcam Model

Welcome to my profile, lovely viewers! I'm AmmiePride, a webcam model from Norway. At 18 years old, I'm thrilled to be sharing my passion for erotic entertainment with you all. I am a white woman with a body type that can be described as skinny.

Sensual Artistic Expression: Captivating Green Eyes & Cascading Hair

I have long brown hair that cascades down my back and captivating green eyes that will mesmerize you. My breasts are of normal size, and my body is adorned with long nails, making me look even more seductive. I enjoy expressing my sensuality through various artistic endeavors.

Embracing Sensuality: Dancing, Painting, Writing, and More

When I'm not on camera, you can find me exploring my sensual side through dancing, painting, and writing. These creative outlets allow me to express myself in ways that words alone cannot capture. I find joy in embracing my passion for all things sensual and seductive.

Endless Possibilities: Embracing Adventure and Creativity Daily

Every day is a new adventure for me, filled with excitement, creativity, and endless possibilities. In the morning, I start my day by connecting my mind, body, and spirit through yoga. It sets the tone for the day and fills me with a sense of joy and anticipation.

Sensual Performances: A Journey into Erotic Entertainment

As the day progresses, I dive into the world of erotic entertainment, performing seductive shows for my viewers. My willingness to please includes activities such as using a dildo, engaging in close-up shots, performing stripteases, fingering, dancing, experiencing live orgasms, roleplaying, footsex, and taking snapshots.

Fluent English Speaker Offering Thrilling Performances on Livejasmin

I am fluent in English, and it is the language I primarily communicate in. If you're looking for an intimate and thrilling experience, you can find me on Livejasmin, where I share my seductive performances.

Exploring Pleasure: My Erotic Entertainment and Fetishes

In addition to my passion for erotic entertainment, I also have a few fetishes that heighten my pleasure. These include using a dildo, engaging in close-up shots, performing stripteases, fingering, dancing, experiencing live orgasms, roleplaying, footsex, and taking snapshots.

Enhancing Seductive Performances: High Heels, Leather, Stockings

I have a strong preference for high heels, leather outfits, and stockings, as they enhance the allure and seductiveness of my performances. Additionally, I have a tattoo that adds a touch of mystery and intrigue to my appearance.

Embracing Diversity: My Journey as a Bisexual Woman

As a bisexual woman, I am open to exploring various types of experiences and connections. I enjoy engaging with both men and women, allowing me to cater to a diverse range of desires and fantasies.

Mutual Enjoyment: Respectful Attitude in My Room

While I appreciate every credit spent in my room, I do expect a respectful attitude from everyone. Greediness is something I do not admire, as I believe in mutual enjoyment and respect. I am here to provide fun and pleasure, and it is only fair for men to contribute to that experience.

Creating a Relaxing and Intimate Camming Experience

However, even if you come to my room just to chat and spend time together, I assure you it will be a great place to unwind and connect. Cam girls, web cam girls, and webcam models like me strive to create an environment that fosters enjoyment and intimacy.

Exploring the Thrilling World of Webcam Models

Stay updated with the latest cam girl news and reviews to discover more about the exciting world of webcam models. Whether you're looking for thrilling performances or seeking a personal connection, webcam models like me are here to fulfill your desires and provide unforgettable experiences.