Introducing Adrianasanti: Webcam Model, Lyon Enthusiast, Multilingual Performer

Introducing Adrianasanti: Webcam Model, Lyon Enthusiast, Multilingual Performer

Rous is a 19-year-old webcam model with a curvy body and shoulder-length blonde hair. Known as Adrianasanti on Livejasmin, she recently moved to Lyon and loves exploring the city's history. She takes pride in her appearance, especially her long nails and natural look. Rous caters to various fetishes in her performances and speaks fluent English, German, French, and Spanish. As a bisexual, she creates a safe space for all viewers. Outside of her career, she enjoys chocolate ice cream, values honesty, and adores dogs. She dislikes Mondays and aggression but is passionate about providing an enjoyable experience for viewers.


HairBlonde, Shoulder length
Sexual PreferenceBisexual
AppearanceLong nails, Natural, Shaved, Stockings
WillingnessClose up, Dancing, Footsex, Oil, Snapshot, Striptease
LanguageEnglish, French, German, Spanish

Adrianasanti: Captivating Blue-Eyed Webcam Model with Curves

Hello everyone, my name is Rous. I am a 19-year-old webcam model with a curvy body type and shoulder-length blonde hair. You can find me on Livejasmin under the nickname Adrianasanti. I am of White ethnicity and my eyes are a captivating shade of blue.

Enamored with Lyon: A Historian's French Obsession

I recently moved to the beautiful city of Lyon and I absolutely love it here. The people are amazing, and I have met some wonderful individuals. As a historian, I am fascinated by the history of Lyon and France in general. Whenever I can, I try to explore iconic places around the world, and currently, my focus is on France.

Enhancing My Features: Embracing Sensuality with Style

In terms of my appearance, I take pride in my long, well-manicured nails. I prefer to keep myself shaved and enjoy wearing stockings to add a touch of sensuality to my performances. I have a natural look that accentuates my features.

Exploring Pleasure: Diverse Fetish Performances for Viewers

When it comes to my performances, I cater to various fetishes. Close up shots, striptease, dancing, oil play, footsex, and snapshots are some of the things I enjoy engaging in. I aim to provide a pleasurable experience to all of my viewers.

Multilingual Expert Enhancing Viewer Experience

Besides English, I am fluent in German, French, and Spanish. This allows me to connect with a wider audience and provide a more personalized experience for my viewers.

Bisexual Advocate: Embracing Diversity in Sexual Expression

In terms of my sexual preference, I am bisexual, which means I enjoy engaging with both men and women. I am open-minded and create a safe space for everyone to explore their desires.

Joys Beyond Webcam: Chocolate, Honesty, Dogs, Love, Eyes

Outside of my webcam modeling career, there are a few things that truly bring me joy. I have a weakness for chocolate ice cream, as it satisfies my sweet tooth. I value honesty, and it's something I appreciate in both my personal and professional life. Dogs hold a special place in my heart, and their loyal companionship always brings a smile to my face. Lastly, I find true love and mesmerizing blue eyes to be incredibly attractive.

Mondays and Aggression: Dislikes and Kindness Prevailing

On the flip side, I have a few dislikes as well. Mondays can be tough for me as they mark the beginning of a new week. I also strongly dislike any form of aggression and believe that kindness should always prevail.

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If you're interested in cam girl news or reviews, I am a model you might want to check out. I am passionate about what I do and strive to provide an enjoyable experience for all of my viewers. So, if you're looking for web cam girls or webcam girls news, feel free to stop by and say hello.